Estate Administration

“My brother and I are appreciative of the professional, knowledgeable, and expeditious work that you and the firm completed on our behalf.” – D.H. 11/3/2016

“Dear David, Thank you for your thorough explanation of the estate process and the steps involved during our phone conversation.  I look forward to our meeting, and again thank you for your explanation of the estate process.” – B.R. 9/27/2016

“I want you to know that you have been most helpful, professional and courteous to work with and we very much appreciate all that you have done.  You are going to give attorney’s a good name if you are not careful.” – K.M. 2/15/2016

“Thank you, Tawnya! Throughout this year-long plus experience, the professionalism and thoroughness of the entire staff was constantly on display. The date on the billing statement reads October 31st, but the real Halloween treat for this client was the Firm’s adeptness at deflecting tricks undertaken to erode the ethics of the legal estate process.  My sincere compliments, admiration and gratitude to ALL of you!” – L.B. 11/4/2015

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work that you and David have done.  It takes a lot of the stress away.” – S.C. 5/5/2015

Medicaid Planning

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your being there.” – R.M. 2/5/2014

“I feel some level of protection that I can’t really express myself.  I very much appreciate having you in my court.”- R.M. 2/3/2014

Estate Planning

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your staff on the completion of our estate planning documents.  This is something that my wife and I had neglected for too long, and it is now done!  Thank you for guiding us through the process and getting the job accomplished.” – D.C. 3/29/2019

“Thank you so much for your professional expertise which you gave us while at the same time making us feel welcome and truly cared about.” – K.V. 12/23/2016

“I really appreciate working with your firm.  You are always very responsive.  It’s amazing how timely you are.” – A.T. 7/26/2016

“You guys did such a great job.  Thank you.  We’re so impressed with the work that you did and how quickly you did it.  Fantastic job. Really…just amazing.” – D.H. 6/15/2016

“Thank you and your staff for ‘being there’ when I needed help.” – P.H. 3/7/2016

“We just liked how you are so soft spoken and caring.  They way you spoke to our Dad.  We just appreciate all your help.” – K.O. 2/29/2016

“You saved them a lot of estate tax but more importantly you had it straightened out for them and all organized for them.  You made it easy for them.  You’ve just done a terrific job.  I just think you’ve done a great job.” – J.G. 9/11/2014

“Dear Russell and associates, We cannot thank you enough for the great work you all did on our behalf! You were great and we appreciate you so much! May God richly bless you!” – C.U. 1/23/2014


“Thank you so much for your help this year.  I would have been lost without you.” – S.B. 12/27/17

“Tiffany is terrific.  I hope you know that.  very impressed with all of her follow up and assistance.” – B.B. 12/8/2017

“Dear Russ and David, Thank you for resolving the issues with my mother’s trust and estate.  You took care of these matters in an exceptional way.  I am very happy with the outcome, knowing everything is in order and will be taken care of.  Also thank you to your staff.  They were very helpful, and they always give me good coffee. Russ and David, you are both so nice to work with.  I am glad you are my attorneys.” – D.U. 11/17/2015


“Russ, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your help and advice with all this.  It’s very reassuring to know you’re there – my stress levels went way down after I talked with you.”  – R.K. 6/4/2015

“Thank you so much for your professionalism, service and hospitality.  You are a talented young woman with an important role in the firm.  Well done.  You folks did wonderfully with my family.  Thank you so much.” – R.B. 7/30/2015


“It’s absolutely beautiful.  The English and comprehension of my situation is just wonderful.  That is why I pay David and you guys to do what you do.  I just really appreciate it, everything that you guys have done for me.”  – M.L. 9/22/2015

“We sincerely thank you and your team for all of your hard work, expertise and abilities to bring this matter to a resolution that was in the best interest of all parties.  It was a pleasure working with you.” – K.H. 10/17/2015

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome today.  Thank you for the guidance you provided & attendance to the details that made it possible.  We wish you all the best.” – J.J. 10/16/2015

“I appreciate your honesty and suggestions.  I thank you for your candor.  You helped us more than you know.”  – T.M. 6/15/2015

Real Estate

“Dear David and team, Thank you for all your help and hard work in guiding us through the process of buying our home on the river.  It was such a support for us to have you in our corner.  We signed the closing papers today and can’t wait to make the house our home.  Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future. ” – J.G. 1/6/2016

“Dear Russ, Thank you so much for working with our daughter to save her home from foreclosure. Payment was received literally ‘at the 11th hour.” – S.L.