Lizette M. Ornelas is a valued member of our administrative staff.  She assists the attorneys in with estate planning, estate administration, real estate, and corporate matters. Her journey into the legal realm began when she joined Speidel Bentsen in November 2018, where she swiftly became an integral part of the team, providing our attorneys with adept support and assistance.

Originally hailing from the quaint town of Mattawa, WA, Lizette’s early years were shaped by the tight-knit community atmosphere. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to Central Washington University, where she immersed herself for a year before relocating to Lynnwood, WA, for new experiences and educational opportunities. However, her heart remained tied to her roots, drawing her back to the Wenatchee Valley to be closer to her beloved family.

Driven by her passion for the legal profession, Lizette has embarked on an educational journey at Renton Technical College, where she is fervently working towards completing her Associate’s Degree while simultaneously pursuing a Legal Assistant Certificate.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lizette cherishes quality time with her fiancé and their two cats. She values moments of tranquility and finds respite in various hobbies, whether engaging in creative pursuits, or discovering the richness of different cuisines. Her vibrant personality and innate curiosity continually drive her to explore new avenues, fostering personal growth and fulfillment