At Speidel Bentsen LLP we recognize that each person’s estate is unique.  Each client has his or her own particular intent and objectives.

When dealing with the estate of a deceased person, we are often assisting surviving family members in connection with an estate plan that we prepared.  Regardless of whether our firm assisted with the estate plan or not, however, our goal is always to carry out the intent of the deceased client.

The great majority of the estates we administer run very smoothly.  The administrative process, that is, the collection of assets, the payment of bills, and the distribution of assets to the heirs, is normally completed within less than a year.  Often the estate administration for a surviving spouse is completed within just a few weeks.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes estate cases where the estate is insolvent, meaning creditor claims exceed the value of the assets.  In addition, there are cases where the heirs of the deceased person are in dispute with each other. Such circumstances can add greatly to the time and expense related to the deceased person’s estate.  At Speidel Bentsen LLP, when it is necessary we appear in Court in contested litigation proceedings to resolve disputed issues.

We make every effort to efficiently administer these more complex estates.

For those estates which exceed the Washington exemption of $2.193 million in 2019 and/or the federal exemption of $11.18 million in 2019, Speidel Bentsen LLP is actively engaged in the preparation and filing of the requisite estate tax returns. These larger estates necessarily remain open longer to obtain estate tax clearance from the state Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.

Whatever your needs with respect to the handling of an estate, Speidel Bentsen LLP has the experience to assist you. Please contact us regarding your specific situation.

As well as helping clients with estate planning, Speidel Bentsen LLP assists clients who have received an inheritance or are designated to administer an estate.  We represent the Personal Representative and Trustees in connection with initiation, administration and supervision of trust, estate and other related proceedings.

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