Business Taxation

Our attorneys at Speidel Bentsen LLP combine expertise in tax law with strong business acumen to counsel clients on the tax aspects of all business transactions.  We guide companies and individuals through the intricacies of federal, state and local tax codes to ensure full compliance while securing the benefits of every favorable provision in the tax code.

Although many of the most tax-intensive transactions involve larger corporations and partnerships, we also work with a number of small companies on the tax implications of both business transactions and estate planning.

Estate and Trust Taxation

For those estates which exceed the Washington exemption of $2.193 million in 2019 and/or the federal exemption of $11.4 million in 2019, Speidel Bentsen LLP is actively engaged in the preparation and filing of the requisite estate tax returns. In order to meet the needs of our clients in connection with the taxation of complex trusts and estates, we maintain the most current software available for the preparation of the Form 706, United States Estates (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax return, and the Form 709, U.S. Gift Tax Return.

These larger estates necessarily remain open longer to obtain estate tax clearance from the Washington Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.

Whatever your needs with respect to the taxation of a trust or estate, Speidel Bentsen LLP has the expertise and experience to assist you.

Please contact us in confidence regarding your specific situation.

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