Speidel Bentsen LLP has assisted families for over 25 years in determining whether probate proceedings are necessary. Probate proceedings (“probate”) may be required in cases where a deceased person held title to property in his or her sole name.

However, Speidel Bentsen LLP first examines whether nonprobate proceedings can accomplish the family’s objectives. Such nonprobate proceedings include, for example, the disposition of small estates by affidavit. Probate in Washington is normally streamlined and relatively inexpensive when compared with probate proceedings in other states, particularly California and Hawaii.

Because probate in Washington is quite efficient, percentage fees are considered inappropriate for lawyers to charge in probating an estate. Speidel Bentsen LLP does not charge a percentage fee when probating an estate. We charge our normal hourly rates and request reimbursement for our out-of-pocket costs.

Normally, we are able to obtain the appointment by the Court of the Personal Representative (Executor) within one or two days of our first meeting with the surviving family member. In other words, it can be a very rapid process to obtain Court authorization to access the property of the deceased person.

Washington probate law no longer requires the Personal Representative (Executor) to publish Notice to Creditors. Many of our clients elect to not publish Notice to Creditors because they are satisfied there are none. By not publishing the Notice to Creditors our clients save an estimated $750 to $1,000.

Washington probate law also no longer requires that an Inventory be filed with the Court. Speidel Bentsen LLP follows this practice. We do not file the estate Inventory with the Court. This means the probate assets of our clients’ estates are kept private.

If you have any concerns regarding Washington probate law please contact Speidel Bentsen LLP, practicing probate law in Wenatchee, Washington, for over 25 years.

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